The Fly, Exists

Do not read this while eating. If you find yourself interested in this movie I also recommend you watch it blindly. Do not watch this movie while eating. TW: This gets disgusting towards the end.

The house fly, named due to its frequency in human dwellings, harbours an interesting dichotomy. On one hand we are accustomed to its constant existence in our lives and on the other we are plagued by images of all the yucky stuff its been sitting on before it dropped right onto our plate. The Fly is a film where a man's life becomes a gooey crisis as he finds himself evolving into a house fly.

The Breeding Site

Believe it or not, we begin in the realm of a romantic comedy. An attractive woman and a scientist are casually conversing at some scientific community convention. He attempts to woo her by dropping hints about a mysterious project he has commissioned. She is vaguely intrigued and goes to his home where he has set up shop.

He all but jumps up and down as he shows off a pair of beehive looking closets the size of phonebooths that are controlled by a voice operated computer. He reveals that his grand invention is actually a teleportation device, 'Telepods!'. The woman gives the scientist her stockings to act as a test subject. It is placed into one of the pods. Lightning *zipidy-zap-zap* happens and we then see the stockings on the other side of the room in the other pod.

Fascinated, Veronica conceals a tape recorder and begins to question him, revealing she is indeed a journalist. She can't miss the opportunity to cover Seth Brundle, the man who invented teleportation. 

The Man, The Scientist

Seth Brundle has these huge, round, bugged out eyes that feel as if there to foreshadow his future. He is dressed in a Mr.Bean outfit. He is lanky and awkward and really wants Veronica to take a liking to him. Some might find his vivacious goals inviting. He believes teleporting inanimate objects is not enough. He wants a headline that will bring shockwaves to the entire scientific community.

"Daedalus said you shouldn't fly too low. If you do, the water will fatally weigh down your wings and you will surely perish. Don't fly too high either. The sun will melt the wax holding your wings together, and you will plunge to your death." -The Myth of Daedalus and Icarus

The Finda-Finda Approach

The Telepods functions as a disintegrator-integrator. An item placed into the pods is taken apart on a molecular level with the intention to reconstruct those molecules in the next pod like a puzzle. The construction ideation is determined by the voice operated computer. It takes creative liberties when reconstructing an item, accounting for all the particles existing in the initial pod.

Seth goes into the pod. He teleports himself in the makeshift teleporter in his apartment! Mind you, prior to this he tried this contraption on a baboon that came out looking like baboon soup. The audacity to step into this machine. He knew this was a risky move, as testament he removes all of his clothing before stepping into the pod in order to reduce risk of being merged into a cotton blazer. What he didn't foresee was a tiny little house fly making its way into his pod right as he is about to be molecularly rearranged. Lightning *zipidy-zap-zap* happens and we then see Seth on the other side of the room in the other pod, minus the fly. 

"You could have killed yourself" says Veronica. Seth then informs her that he filmed the teleportation for her journalistic use and she embraces him with a kiss.

The Man, The Fly

While laying next to Veronica that night, Seth is compelled to capture a fly buzzing over his head. He eagerly leaves the bed. Veronica soon follows only to find him standing nowhere, staring at nothing. She watches as he begins to mount and dismount the furniture like Ren McCormack in Footloose. Veronica gawks in disbelief as the scientist displays an Olympic level of gymnastic ability. He swings on a iron rod between two walls in the apartment, walking on the ceiling as he goes faster and faster culminating into an imperfect but impressive dismount.

Seth tries to force Veronica to go through the pods as well. He has this idea that the Telepods 'cleansed' him of ailment. When she refuses he lashes at her in an erratic behaviour and storms out. It is at this point when he walks into a bar and challenges one of the guys to an arm wrestling contest, eager to show his newly found muscle. Seth's skin is noticeably falling apart, his palm sweat is opaque and his strength snaps the other guy's forearm. 

Flies do not have teeth. In order to ingest food a fly will land on a solid piece of food, release a corrosive enzyme onto it to begin the digestion process externally and then suck it back up its mouth. Now imagine this, Veronica is having a conversation with Seth, as people do. He grabs a donut to nibble on, as we all do. He vomits an opaque, slimy substance onto the donut in his hand in the middle of a sentence. Later he demonstrates how he drinks up the goo. Seth no longer resembles a man but rather a creature from an antibiotic fever dream. He is profusely swollen all over. He has no ears, no skin, no teeth, no nails. 

Veronica is pregnant with Seth's fly fusion baby.

The Final Act

Seth begins to use his digestive puke as a weapon. Dissolving any person that comes between him and Veronica by vomiting on them. He intends to have him, Veronica and the unborn baby to go into the pods so that they all three can be fused into one. With the aid of a shot gun Veronica kills Seth. The below is my raw reaction to the ending. Thank you for reading, and I'm sorry.

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