Shows With New Seasons in 2023

Everything on this list is fantastic. Take your pick.

The Last Of Us

(2023 - present) on Showmax / DSTV Now 

From the creators of the beautifully made PlayStation game of the same name. Naughty Dog's The Last Of Us tells the story of Ellie and Joel, complete strangers who become surrogate father and daughter after bonding in a post apocalyptic world. Key words are zombie-type creatures, survival and tears. HBO Max is releasing 1 episode per week and it seems like the whole world is watching. We get the episode in SA 24 hours after the US. The first two episodes are already out on Showmax and DSTV Now.  

Girl From Nowhere

(2018 - present) on Netflix

Nanno is a mysterious demi-god in this thrilling anthology. Each episode is set in a new place where Nanno encourages those surrounding her to lean into their evil desires. All those she sways get exactly what they wished for and pay the high price for it. If you enjoy Black Mirror and Anime in general you'll probably take interest in Girl From Nowhere. Season 3 is reportedly coming to Netflix 5 May 2023. Stream seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix right now. 


(2021 - present) on Amazon Prime Video

Mark is a late bloomer from a superhero bloodline. After finally getting his powers he takes on the task of becoming one of the superheroes in his city. With each episode we see him survive traumatizing near death experiences that grow in magnitude as the days pass. How will young Mark survive having the world on his back whilst on the quest to become Invincible? Season 2 has been promised for "late 2023". My jaw swept the floor in the last episode of season 1, which is streaming right now on Amazon Prime Video.


(2021 - present) on Showmax

Fans of the spectacle that is WWE will enjoy this action drama. Heels are the performers that are written to be the bad guys in the world of wrestling. The ones who get booed when they win. They antagonize the Faces (the good guys the crowd roots for). This show focuses on the nuanced relationships between the characters of a wrestling show and where the line is drawn between reality and fiction. Reportedly filming for season 2 has been completed and the season might be released in 2023. Stream season 1 on Showmax.

Cruel Summer

(2021 - present) on Amazon Prime Video

Set in the 90s, Cruel Summer takes place over 3 timelines simultaneously. Throughout the show we get jumps from the preset to the past and the further past. You can tell a lot of thought went into weaving together those timelines into the plot. When Kate Wallis goes missing one summer her life is seemingly taken over by Jeanette Turner. Jeanette's world is then shaken when Kate escapes her captivity and claims Jeanette knew where she was the entire time. Key words are mystery, ethics and a larger conversation on who takes responsibility for a child's safety. Season 2 is said to have a completely new cast and plot, set to be released in the winter of 2023. In the meantime, treat yourself to season 1 which is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Spy x Family

(2022 - present) on Crunchyroll

Orphan Anya is adopted by a spy. His mission? To get within reach of a highly guarded target. So he "acquires" a child in order to fit the image his target respects. Though spy dad does not tell Anya about his schemes she already knows, seeing as she's a telepath. Owww there's also an "acquired" mom who is secretly an assassin. Situations are hilariously over-contemplated in this adorable and relaxing anime series. The second season is coming in 2023. Catch season 1 on Crunchyroll. The episodes are simulcasted, meaning they are available on Crunchyroll just 1 hour after Japan. 

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