What's Wrong With Saying It The Easy Way?

 I feel joy. A gulping rush of butterflies making their way from the tips of my fingers to my chest. My eyes widen to accept  pictures moving on the screen. Ears, if they could morph to better hear the nuances of the score what a spectacle it would be. Rumblings from the bass move me, simply moving me. How am I supposed to describe the pure joy I feel from witnessing art? I just feel joy, I can only say it the easy way. 

I like to imagine that any person who is knowledgeable about any 'thing' experiences enjoyment of that thing at a higher level than a layperson. With their familiarity of the effort/skill required to produce a final product they would be able to appreciate the slightest details. Not just satisfied but satiated. So maybe I'm just lost in the film abyss. Nonetheless, allow me to share my recent joys:

Whimsical, that's how I'd describe Fairfax. Remember how when you had little escapades as a kid everything just felt so acid trippy? The slow motion, 180 degree pivot turn you had to make and immediately haul ass to evade the death dog that jumped the fence on your way back home? That's Fairfax. Fairfax follows a group of friends and their efforts to becoming hype beats. These primary school aged kids have a wide array of unimaginable adventures on their quest for the clout. Each of them coming from their respective unique backgrounds giving shape to the 'gang gang'. Season 1 does an amazing job at laying the land, throwing at you well rounded characters and the environments they exist in. Season 2 capitalizes on that knowledge in just a slam-dunk-WTF-yes-OMG-yes kind of way. As for season 3, anxiously waiting for the drop. 

10 out of 10. NEXT!

When watching Catfight it is hard to not imagine that this is your mom and another mom on the street outside your house. These 50 year old women just start hitting each other. I really don't know what else to tell you. Apparently they went to the same college, didn't see each other for 20 years but when they run into each other at a party they just go in. Blow after blow till one of them is in a coma. Then when the hospitalized one recovers many months later they awaken with a vengeance, find the other woman and thrust her into a coma. This cycle continues until they have both pummeled each other to the pavements of the gates of heaven, and even that doesn't stop them. I am not religious but, Jesus needs to intervene. This is not an action movie, this is a drama. This is Days Of Our Lives but with more comas. 10 out of 10.

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